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This is the place to find lots of zany funny nutty quirky stuff to make you think, laugh, and get your point across with t-shirts, coffee mugs, posters, and lots lots more!

Meet Mr Mike, the original ScornDog!

You have just landed inside the collective mind of ScornDogs Mike, who strives mightily to make sense of our crazy world and offer what he finds out there as fodder for thought — and laughs.

Mike scribbles, doodles, and draws to come up with some of the most original cartoons, illustrations, and ideas to ever hit the front of a t-shirt, the top of a hat, the side of a coffee mug, the front of a tote bag, the… well, you get the idea! ENJOY AND GRAB YOURSELF A LAUGH TODAY.

 MikeCartoon 300x215 Welcome to the ScornDogs House!

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